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Architectural Eras: 1600 - PresentEdit

The contents of this wiki discuss the details about the growth and change of architecture in the last 400 years. From the European influence of the early settlers in the American Colonial era to the more recent architectural discoveries in the 20th century, every era has had its own significant impact on architecture as a whole.


This architectural timeline outlines the most prominent and influential styles from 1600 to modern day. A majority of factors including building materials, different style influences, and design elements contributed to the uniqueness and individuality of each era.

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American Colonial (1600 to 1780 AD)
Georgian (1720 to 1800 AD)
Neoclassical / Federalist / Idealist (1730 to 1925 AD)
Greek Revival (1790 to 1850 AD)
Victorian (1840 to 1900 AD)
Arts and Crafts (1860 to 1900 AD)
Art Nouveau (1890 to 1914 AD)
Beaux Arts (1895 to 1925 AD)
Neo-Gothic (1905 to 1930 AD)
Art Deco (1925 to 1937 AD)
20th Century Trends (1900 to Present)

Created By: Andrew Mather, Britney Hayes, and Huyoung Kim